Is Klaroline Still Possible on The Originals?

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // May 18, 2015

Candice Accola, Caroline Forbes, Joseph Morgan, Klaus Mikaelson, The Originals

With Nina Dobrev and Elena Gilbert gone will Klaroline be a possibility on The Originals?

The Vampire Diaries said goodbye to Nina Dobrev and Elena Gilbert while Steroline fans rejoiced for Stefan and Caroline, but what about Klaroline on The Originals?

With Nina and her character Elena gone, TVD will become a show about the Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon. Julie Plec has said that she’s always been Team Salvatore. It will be interesting to see what season 7 will be like. Now that Damon must deal with life without his love, Julie says it won’t be pretty.

But what about Caroline? They’ve been building Steroline up, and in the season 6 finale Stefan told her that when she’s ready for him, he’ll be ready for her. Not quite the epic romantic line that Klaus delivered about Tyler being her first love, but he intends to be her last.

Well, vampires usually live a pretty long life, so what will become of Caroline? Will she end up with Stefan? If season 7 is the end for The Vampire Diaries, will Caroline move to The Originals. Guess only time will tell, because the producers won’t!

Season 6 saw the loss of three characters, and the actors who play them. Steven R. McQueen, who played Jeremy Gilbert, left in 6×14 “Stay,” and Nina and Michael Trevino, who played Tyler Lockwood, both left in 6×22 “I’m Thinking of You All the While.” Although Nina has left for good, Steven and Michael can always return in guest spots.

With all three leaving, and the ratings going down, it’s almost like rats leaving the ship. Will fans also leave the series, too? Can Steroline and maybe Bamon be able to keep the ship afloat? Seems like things have been going downhill since the Mikaelson famly left.

Julie Plec has revealed there will be time jumps in season 7, jumping back and forth from the present to the future. While time jumps may work for SyFy’s “12 Monkeys” will it work for TVD?

Stefan also told Caroline that he needs his brother more than he needed Elena, so chances are that Caroline may be taking a back seat as Stefan deals with Damon’s grief and possibly madness. Bonnie is human, which means she’ll eventually die, and when she does, Elena will wake up and be the same age as when she fell under Kai’s sleeping spell. So Damon only has to wait 60 or 70 years. A mere blink in the life of a vampire, but still.

Mama Lily also has her “family” back of witch-vampire hybrids, so the Salvatore brothers, and probably Matt and maybe Alaric and Enzo, will have to deal with their rampage, which may be the reason Mystic Falls looks deserted and why Damon is standing watch on the clock tower. Sounds like season 7 won’t have much time for romantic encounters with Caroline or Bonnie. Like the Mikaelsons, it will be about family.

If the ratings continue to fall, and season 7 is the last, will the producers take advantage of the huge fan popularity of Klaroline and move Caroline, and Candice Accola, to The Originals?

Klaus and Cami have been getting closer, but producers have been sketchy as to whether it will be romantic or just a friendship. If Caroline moves to The Originals, how will it affect the relationship between Klaus and Cami? And will Klaus feel compelled to protect Caroline?

Klaroline had 3 years of build up, but if Klaus promised not to return to Mystic Falls, then she’d have to go to New Orleans. If Caroline decides to take Klaus up on being her last love, and moves to New Orleans, possibly putting her life in danger, it could add a whole new meaning to his being her “last love”!

Julie Plec on The Vampire Diaries season 7

If Caroline has no reason to stay in Mystic Falls, New Orleans, Klaus, The Originals, and fans are waiting!



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