Happy Holidays and Merry New Years to Fangsters Everywhere!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // December 24, 2015

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Happy Holidays and Safe New Years from The Originals Family to Your Family!

The Originals has had an eventful three seasons. The Mikaelson family arrived in New Orleans and Klaus took the throne from Marcel. Baby Hope was born in turmoil as witches tried to kill her. Hayley became a hybrid and she, Klaus, and Elijah stalked the witches to get her baby back. Marcel saved the day when he killed Monique with the Devil’s Star black object that we learned was created by Mary-Alice and Astrid using chimera magic that Kol taught them in 1920.

Rebekah was exiled from New Orleans by Klaus, as he wished her a happy life. But she returned when Klaus realized she was the perfect person to protect his newborn daughter, who he named Hope. Hope for the family, and hope for his redemption.

Esther and Mikael returned, each with their own unique agendas. In an attempt to save her family and defeat Esther, Rebekah offered herself and gave of her blood into the wine her mother drank. Klaus offered himself when Esther refused to stop the spell and she revealed she gave Klaus up to Mikael so he could finally kill him.

In a rage of despair and hatred, he killed his mother for the second time, but it was too late for Rebekah and she ended up in the body of a witch imprisoned in an asylum for crazy witches, where Klaus had years earlier had a witch put a boundary spell on the asylum so nobody could leave.

But at least they got their happy holidays Christmas wish of reuniting their family and bringing baby Hope back to her loving parents.

As 2015 began, the Mikaelson family tried to hopefully begin to pick up the pieces. Who would protect Hope? Or will they discover Hope can protect them all? Esther’s sister Dahlia came for Hope as she did for Freya. Kol tried to use Davina to complete the transformation of the dagger and ended up dying instead, setting Davina on a quest to bring him back. Rebekah returned to her body to be a vampire again and Freya gave her the choice of remaining a vampire or returning to her witch body.

In season 3, we had the beginning of the sire wars resulting in Cami’s death in the mid-season finale 3×09 “Savior,” just when we thought Klaus would have some happiness. Rebekah returned from her watery grave, but appears to be cursed. Will she be the family member or kills one of her own?

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the house
Not a human was stirring, Not even the pet mouse.
The stakes and vervain graced the chimney with care,
In hopes that no Originals would ever be there.

The children and pets were all snug in their beds,
While visions of toys danced around in their heads.
Webmasters and artists, all over the world
Turned off their computers, but their minds still whirled.

When out on the lawn the white snow became red,
Visions of death, sprang into our head.
Peeking through the window, we saw blood splatter,
Locking windows and shutters, we knew what was the matter.

The moon shining brightly on the now red snow
Gave the fear of blood lust as our moans remained low.
When, what should appear as our eyes peered about,
But a long black limo with vampires about to get out.

The skeletal driver was pale and looked sick,
We knew in an instant that was not old St. Nick.
More rapid than werewolves the Mikaelsons came,
They whistled and shouted as they called each name.

“Now, Niklaus! Now, Elijah! Now, Rebekah so swift!
On, Finn! On Kol! Be careful! Don’t slip!
To the top of the porch! Get up on the wall!
Be quick! Take a sip! Slash away all!”

And then, in a twinkling, they danced on the roof
With growling and banging and gnashing afoot.
We rung our hands, afraid to turn around,
To see the chimney with vampires coming down.

They were dressed all in leather, from head to foot,
Their clothes were brand new, free of ashes or soot;
No sack full of toys did they have on their back,
Just glistening fangs showing their knack.

Klaus’ eyes glowed yellow, his dimples so merry!
Elijah’s cheeks were rosy, Kol’s nose bloody like a cherry!
Rebekah stood stately, skin and hair all aglow,
And Finn just waited, for what we didn’t know.

They said not a word, just stared as we shook,
Then looked at each each other and stepped closer to look.
They touched each of us lightly on our nose,
Retracted their fangs and up the chimney they rose;

They flew to their limo, to their driver gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down on a thistle.
But we heard Klaus explain as they disappeared in the night,

So here’s to a Merry and safe Holiday Season to all fans of The Originals everywhere!



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