Happy 34th Happy Birthday to the Amazing Joseph Morgan!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // May 16, 2015

Joseph Morgan, Klaus Mikaelson, The Originals

Happy Happy Birthday to Sexy Joseph Morgan of The Originals, celebrating his 34th birthday!

Joseph Morgan has had another amazing year from his birthday last year and the one this year on May 16th! This past year he celebrated another successful TV series with The Originals, now heading toward season 3, and married his girlfriend, Persia White!

Last year he announced their engagement after the May 13th, 2014, season 1 finale, and married Persia on July 5th, 2014, in a beautiful ceremony in Jamaica. Will they be making another announcement of a little Morgan coming soon now that season 2 has ended?

The two met on The Vampire Diaries during season 3, and they immediately bonded. As Joseph said of he and his soul mate, “We really appreciate those of you who have supported our wild, creative, passionate and unlikely relationship. We have found a rare and precious thing; true love. We wish you all the same.”

The two have already worked closely on “Revelation,” Joseph‘s directorial short, and have both starred in “Dermaphoria,” Joseph as Eric Ashworth and Persia as Jack.

Like us, Joseph loves sci-fi and horror. Stephen King is one of his favorite authors, and besides The Originals he loves Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Since The Walking Dead films in Atlanta, it would be great to see Joseph as a zombie! Hopefully one who continued to keep walking!

One of his dreams came true when he got the role of Klaus on The Vampire Diaries. As a lover of vampires and an actor, he always hoped he would get the chance to play a vampire.

Joseph Morgan and vampires

Since I heard about vampires when I was a kid, I was absolutely fascinated with them… So this is dream come true for me.

With a background of writing, producing, and directing, it would be great if he got the chance to write or direct an episode The Originals. Paul Wesley has directed two episodes of TVD, Ian Somerhalder directed one, and Julie Plec also flexed her hand at directing. Let’s hope they give Joseph, as well as Daniel, the opportunity to direct, too.

Joseph Morgan in “Dermaphoria”

“Revelation” trailer

There are no summer reruns scheduled for The Originals, so we’ll have to wait until October, 2015, to find out if Elijah and Klaus make up and Hayley gets her werewolf curse removed.



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