Forever’s Ioan Gruffudd’s Obsessions and Dream Co-Star!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // January 1, 2015

Ioan Gruffudd, Dr. Henry Morgan, Forever

What are some of Forever’s Ioan Gruffudd’s obsessions and who is his pick for his dream co-star!

Recently Ioan Gruffudd, who plays Dr. Henry Morgan on “Forever,” confessed to TV Guide what some of his secret obsessions are, including who his dream co-star would be!

There are lots of different ways to watch your favorite shows, including laptops, tablets, phones, etc., but Ioan confesses he likes to use his laptop. When everybody else is asleep he gets his laptop, puts on his earphones, gets comfortable in bed, and watches his shows. No doubt “Forever” is one of his favorites, too!

A news show he thinks is the only one that matters is “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” According to Ioan, “No one else sheds true light on the unholy mess that the world is in!”

He reveals that he has a love-hate relationship when it comes to infomercials. While it makes his head hurt, his heart loves them. He thinks, “They are like television crack!”

Like many fans, one show he misses is “Breaking Bad,” and it seems he might like cooking shows since he has a celebrity crush on American chef Mario Batali, who knows the “way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!”

Ioan’s guilty pleasure is watching the Golf Channel, but admits that if he has time to watch it he must be procrastinating about something!

Finally, when he confesses the person who would be his dream co-star, he reveals not only how smart but also how romantic he is. His dream co-star is his co-star and partner in life, none other than his beautiful wife, Alice Evans, who is the original Mother of all vampires Esther Mikaelson!

Ioan Gruffudd and his dream co-star and wife Alice Evans


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