Forever Synopsis & Pictures for 1×13 “Diamonds Are Forever”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // January 12, 2015

Joel David Moore, Lucas Wahl, Ioan Gruffudd, Dr. Henry Morgan, Forever

Will Henry and Jo get closer or will Forever’s 1×13 “Diamonds Are Forever” separate them more?

In the promotional video for Forever‘s 1×13 “Diamonds Are Forever” episode we’ll get some flashbacks on Jo and her husband Sean. A diamond found in their murder victim links to $3.4 million in loose diamonds, which exposes a ghost from Jo’s past, when her husband Sean, former ADA, put the victim behind bars.

We’ll also get a flashback of Henry back in 1816 London, where it sounds like a priest and cell mate was instrumental in persuading him to keep living.

In addition to Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Henry Morgan and Alana De La Garza  as Detective Jo Martinez, Forever also stars Judd Hirsch  as Abe Morgan, Henry’s grown adopted son, confident, and keeper of his immortality secret, Joel David Moore as Lucas Wahl, assistant ME who would like to get to know Henry better, Donnie Keshawarz as Detective Hanson, who usually seems to find Henry amusing, Lorraine Toussaint as Lt. Joanna Reece, who thinks Henry is just weird, and Mackenzie Mauzy as Abigail, Henry’s now-dead wife, the only love of his life, and Abe’s adopted mother.

“Diamonds Are Forever” press release synopsis

Henry and Jo’s murder investigation of an ex-con, who is being framed for a jewelry story heist, reveals a special connection between the victim and Jo’s late husband, Sean, who was an assistant district attorney. Jo’s evocative memories reflect her warm and wonderful relationship with Sean, which become almost too painful for her to bear. Flashbacks trace Henry’s life to 1816 London where he ends up in jail. Incredibly, a priest, who is his cell mate, gives Henry a second chance at life. Meanwhile, Abe attempts to snare a thief who he believes walked off with a “priceless” antique from his store, and Henry is there to comfort Jo in her time of distress.

Promotional pictures for “Diamonds Are Forever”

Promotional video for “Diamonds Are Forever”

Catch the 1×13 “Diamonds Are Forever” episode of Forever on Tuesday, January 13th, at 10/9c, on ABC!



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