Forever Synopsis, Pics, & Promo 1×20 “Best Foot Forward”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // April 5, 2015

Ioan Gruffudd, Henry Morgan, Forever

Things move too fast for Jo as a ballet shoe’s body is missing in the Forever 1×20 “Best Foot Forward” episode!

In the Forever pictures and promo for 1×20 “Best Foot Forward” Jo and Henry search for the body belonging to a bloody ballet shoe with a foot in it.

Meanwhile, the relationship between Isaac, played by guest star Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Jo seems to be moving too fast for her. Instead of taking the opportunity to get closer to her, Henry encourages her to get closer with Isaac, as he still holds on to the dream of finding his beloved Abigail who left him in 1984 and hasn’t been seen since.

According to a spoiler, Jo “makes a surprising decision when it comes to Isaac.” The spoiler also mentioned a “famous face” will show up in one of Henry’s flashbacks.

Abe also picks up the hunt for Abigail, and enlists Lucas’ help to try and find her. Perhaps if they find her Abe and Henry will both have some closure and be able to move on with their lives. Matt Miller, creator of Forever, said in a spoiler that we’ll learn more about Abigail, and Lucas will become “heavily involved” in the storyline.

There are only three more episodes in this season, so it’s a little late to hope for any romance between Henry and Jo, which probably would have gone a long way in the ratings department.

Then there’s that “smoking gun” that Adam, played by Burn Gorman, gave Henry that may be the key to finally ridding him of immortality. Would he really take that step and end his life forever?

“Best Foot Forward” press release synopsis

FOREVER – “Best Foot Forward” – The uber-competitive and passionate backstage world of ballet is the backdrop for Henry and Jo’s next murder investigation. When a severed human foot encased in a blood-soaked ballet shoe turns up in a bin at the theater, Henry and the detectives race the clock to find the body in this high profile case. Flashbacks to 1929 Paris reveal Henry’s emotional experience with a female sculptor friend when drugs collided with the pressure of artistic inspiration. Meanwhile, things have heated up a little too quickly between Jo and Isaac for Jo’s taste, but Henry encourages her to overcome her fear of being hurt and take a chance on finding love. Abe engages Lucas’ help in tracking down Abigail’s whereabouts after leaving Henry. Finally, Henry contemplates whether he should try out Adam’s theory about the gun that originally shot and killed him.

Cuba Gooding, Jr. continues as Isaac Monroe, Carmen Cabrera appears as Eva, Andhy Mendez appears as Luis, Irina Dvorovenko plays Odessa, Michel Gill plays Dmitry, and Elizabeth Gray appears as Valerie.

This episode was written by Sarah Nicole Jones and Zev Borow and directed by John Kretchmer.

Promotional pictures for “Best Foot Forward”

Promotional video for “Best Foot Forward”

See who the “famous face” is and what Jo’s decision is when Forever 1×20 “Best Foot Forward” airs Tuesday, April 7th, 2015, at 10/9c, on ABC!



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