Forever Spoilers, Promo & Pics for 1×17 “Social Engineering”!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // March 3, 2015

Ioan Gruffudd, Dr. Henry Morgan, Forever

Henry’s true identity may be revealed in the Forever 1×17 “Social Engineering” episode!

In the Forever promo video for 1×17 “Social Engineering” Henry wonders if the future of crime will be killing somebody with a keystroke as his identity is threatened to be revealed by a hacker.

In the world of cyber crime, identity theft, and hackers, Henry is threatened when a hacker plans to reveal his immortality to Jo. The race is on to keep his secret.

Henry continues to live in the past with memories of his wife Abigail, but even the actor who plays him, Ioan Gruffudd, wonders what happened to her.

Ioan Gruffudd wonders how, or if, Abigail died

I always thought that something had happened where she not necessarily died in front of us, but maybe we had to part company to protect her or protect me or something. Who knows if she’s still alive or still out there? I tend not to ask, because it’s best that I don’t know these things.

Ioan reveals that in one of the remaining episodes of season 1 that he dies at his own hand.

Ioan on Henry’s “suicide”

It’ll be a pity for you, if you’re a fan of the show, to know why it happens. It happens in the past. It’s clever, lovely and sweet. And it sheds really good light on the person that’s with Henry when that happens.

We’ll have to keep watching to find out if the person is Abigail or Abe.

“Social Engineering” press release synopsis

Social Engineering” – Henry and Jo examine the world of cyber-terrorism to track down a killer when a member of a secret hack-tivist group turns up dead. The investigation also puts Henry in jeopardy of having his own secret exposed. How far will he go to keep his mystery from being revealed? He must walk a fine line between judging if others’ secrets are worth keeping in order to save himself or be ready to take off – again. Flashbacks to an 1865 London hospital revisit Henry’s first wife, Nora, who is now in her 70s and threatening once again to reveal Henry’s condition, with disastrous results. Abe remembers back to his activist days and offers Henry an important clue to his current case.

Jane Alexander guest stars as Nora, Megan Ketch as Irene, Kobi Libii as Keith, Erin Darke as Liz and Tim Ransom as Lawrence Greff.

The “Social Engineering” episode for Forever was written by John Enbom and Antonio Negret directed it.

Promotional pictures for “Social Engineering”

Promotional video for “Social Engineering”

Watch to see if Jo discovers the truth about Henry when Forever 1×17 “Social Engineering” airs Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015, at 10/9c, on ABC!



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