Dominion Season 2 Gets Darker, Grittier, More Post-Apocalyptic!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // July 18, 2015

Tom Wisdom, Archangel Michael, Dominion

Tom Wisdom says Dominion season 2 is edgy, gritty, dark, and more post-apocalyptic as Michael seeks redemption!

As Dominion begins its second season, Tom Wisdom reveals Michael is lost and seeking redemption as the series gets edgier and more action-packed!

Can this series get any darker? According to Tom Wisdom, who plays sexy Archangel Michael, the answer is yes. Much darker, more edgy, grittier, and much more action packed.

Tom Wisdom on season 2 of Dominion

Well, this season’s a lot grittier, it’s darker, it’s much more based in a grittier reality, it’s more post-apocalyptic.

I think it’s most action-packed and we see a very different side to most of the characters, certainly from my point of [view].

For Michael, there’s a lot going on, he’s pretty lost at the beginning of season two. He’s searching for a kind of redemption, he’s trying to find his faith again which he’s lost, which is quite interesting for me.

If you haven’t seen Dominion yet, it’s on Syfy Thursday nights at 10/9c. Loosely based on the film “Legion,” it’s about Earth after the battle between angels and humans after God disappears. There are small factions of humans such as Vega, previously Las Vegas. Season 1 was about Archangel Michael guiding Alex Lannon, played by Christopher Egan, who is supposedly destined to be the Chosen One to save mankind.

Things didn’t exactly go very well, resulting in Michael fleeing the city and Alex joining Michael’s brother, Archangel Gabriel, played by Carl Beukes, in his lair.

In the exciting season 2 premiere, “Heirs of Salvation” written by executive producer and creator Vaun Wilmott, Claire, played by Roxanne McKee, watched as Gabriel’s lair was bombed. Michael wandered about and was seen by Harper, played by WWE Diva Alicia Fox, as he bathed with his magnificent, glistening wings unfurled behind him.

Season 2 begins three months after season 1’s finale. Alex had gone to human-hating Gabriel promising to translate the tattoos on his body, which are believed to be messages from God. According to Vaun Wilmott, “God is the ultimate absentee father.” Since most of the characters have missing fathers, this is the overarching theme of the series. Michael believes the tattoos were put there by God for the benefit of humanity. Because he killed several humans in anger, Michael has exiled himself to Mallory, a small farming community in Alabama with an unshaking belief in God and who believe the fire made by a prophet will never go out as long as the community confesses their sins and obey God’s commandments.

Vaun Wilmott on Mallory and New Delphi

[Mallory is] the first of two new worlds we expand to this season. There’s also New Delphi, a seemingly egalitarian city based on trade and built inside a giant NORAD-like [bunker].

Michael goes to Mallory, where Harper is from, to seek redemption and his Father. In episode 3 on July 23rd, 2015, “The Narrow Gate,” we’ll find out if he finds it at the tip of a flame which could reveal his secrets and sins, and possibly his true identity. Meanwhile, Alex is in New Delphi with friend and angel Noma, hoping to find allies to fight Gabriel.

Roxanne McKee, who plays Claire, the Lady of Vega, said there will be huge growth development in her character as she takes control of the city from her father, General Edward Riesen played by Alan Dale.

Roxanne on Claire in season 2

For Claire, we start the season with her in charge of Vega. She had a massive journey in season one.

I think she’s the only character you get to see why she is who she is from the beginning. With every other character we start to see why they are the character they are in season two.

With Claire, she’s developed on screen from the beginning, so we understand why she has the nature she has. Going into the second season we understand why she’s a lot tougher than she was in season one.

Claire tries to satisfy her privileged and poorest subjects in Vega as Senate Consul David Whele, played by Anthony head, works to undermine her as he’s plagued with visions of his dead son William. Meanwhile, there’s a brewing rebellion by Vega’s lowest caste, led by Zoe, played by Christina Chong, which could result in the execution of both Claire and David.

Vaun Wilmott’s promise for season 2

This season there’s more horror, plenty of romance, and huge stakes.

Promo pictures for “The Narrow Gate”

Promo video for “The Narrow Gate”

Watch the feathers fly as Dominion episode 2×03 “The Narrow Gate” airs Thursday, July 23rd, 2015, at 10/9c, on Syfy!



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