Dominion 2×13 “Sine Deo Nihil” Episode Synopsis and Pics!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // September 30, 2015

Tom Wisdom, Michael, Dominion

Gabriel returns Michael to Mallory in the Dominion season 2 finale 2×13 “Sine Deo Nihil” episode!

In Dominion 2×13 “Sine Deo Nihil,” which translates to “without God nothing,” Gabriel returns Michael to Mallory as Alex and Claire try to regain control to save Vega.

In 2×12 “Day of Wrath” Arika tells Claire about her experience and how she almost killed herself. She’s remorseful about killing Rose, now that she had the experience of being treated like an 8-ball. She asks Claire to trust her, then tells her that she wants to go back to Helene. Claire tells her she needs her, but Arika asks her if she’s going to kill her to keep her in Vega. Claire tells her no. She tells Claire she’s strong.

Claire lets her go, and on the way to the helicopter to return to Helene, she encounters a little girl. She tells the woman she’s with to take the child to Helene. The woman criticizes her for wanting to help the child. Arika tells the woman she sounds like somebody she used to know. Herself.

In the Vega control room, David arrives and offers a drink to a soldier, but the soldier declines. Claire comes and tries to get in the locked door. She has the codes to bring up security to keep the gates of Vega up. After David lets her in, she learns the communications are down, so she leaves David and the soldier there while she goes to join Alex. The soldier, a communications soldier, manages to bring up the canons on top of the buildings of Vega, but then William arrives and shoots the soldier and threatens David. After William lowers the gates of Vega and destroys the panel so David can’t bring the gates back up, David embraces his son one last time, tells him he loves him, and then kills him.

As Alex and Noma go off to fight the 8-balls, she tells him she loves him. As they fight the 8-balls, Claire joins them and she and Alex talk about leaving together. Noma realizes Alex still loves Claire.

Gabriel and Michael fight, and Gabriel keeps getting the upper hand. He accuses Michael of destroying their family. Then Michael tells him he thinks Lucifer, stronger than both of them, is still alive. Michael tells him about Mallory and the Prophet. Gabriel is concerned that Lucifer will remember what he and Michael did to him, so he grabs Michael and flies off to Mallory.

Alex, Noma, and Claire run out of bullets as the 8-balls stream into Vega. Alex walks toward them as the episode ends. Is Alex going to try a mass eviction in an effort to save Vega?

What is Noma’s dark secret? What will happen when Gabriel and Michael get to Mallory? Will Lucifer be there to greet them? Is Lucifer the Prophet? What will be David’s final sacrifice? He already killed William. How will Claire and Alex save Vega? Or will it finally be destroyed?

“Sine Deo Nihil” synopsis press release

Season 2 comes to a finish as the 8-Ball Army breaches the walls of Vega; at the same time, David makes one final sacrifice to secure his survival. Meanwhile, Gabriel forces Michael back to Mallory; Noma’s dark secret is revealed; Claire is desperate for closure; and Alex fights for control of the only home he has left.

This episode was written by executive producer and creator Vaun Wilmott, and directed by Deran Sarafian.

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Discover the answers as Dominion 2×13 “Sine Deo Nihil” season 2 finale airs Thursday, October 1st, 2015, at 10/9c, on Syfy!



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