Dominion 2×12 “Day of Wrath” Episode Synopsis and Pics!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // September 23, 2015

Luke Allen-Gale, William Whele, Dominion

William’s decision seals the fate of Vega in the Dominion 2×12 “Day of Wrath” episode!

In Dominion 2×12 “Day of Wrath” Gabriel and Michael fight each other as Vega’s fate is sealed by William’s decision, while Claire tries to save it.

In 2×11 “Bewilderment of Heart” the darkness released by the Amphora shrouded Vega, flipping everybody into an alternate reality of despair, darkness, and death. Soldiers around Claire killed themselves and tried to kill her, too. After being wounded, she heard a baby’s cry and followed it. As Claire, David, William, Arika, and Michael succumbed to the darkness and despair in their hearts, Alex was the only one who was unaffected. According to Michael, this was because he was the only one who was pure of heart. Michael told Alex and Noma that the Amphora will protect itself by picking a victim.

A shackled David was led away to be hanged. When the executioner asked him if he had any last words, he said he did it all for Vega. Then they put a hood on his head. When his alternate reality began, a female soldier took the hood off his head and told him he’d been summoned. They took him to his old office where he met an 8-ball version of himself who tried to persuade him to side with the angels and become the man he was truly meant to be. When he refused, his 8-ball version began smothering him by putting a plastic bag over his head.

Claire, dressed in white, went to a locked door, behind which she heard a baby crying. She broke the door down and discovered the baby she would have had. As she cuddled her, Alex came to join them. He was also dressed all in white.

William’s alternate reality was in a jail cell. Gabriel, who was now an 8-ball with spiked hair, came and told him “You’re not the Chosen One. You’re a reject.” Claire, also an 8-ball, came and also told him he wasn’t the Chosen One as she tried to seduce him while trying not to laugh at him. Alex, shirtless to expose his markings, came and railed at William. Like the others, he told him he wasn’t the Chosen One. When William showed him his scars, Alex told him “They mean nothing. You mean nothing.” Alex ripped off the wedding ring from William’s finger and told him, “Your marriage to Claire means nothing.”

Arika’s alternate reality found her switched places with Rose, the 8-ball she trained to seduce David, after which she killed her. In her despair she tried to kill herself by putting a gun to her head.

Michael’s alternate reality was his fear of losing Alex. He encountered Alex who accused him of caring more about the markings that he cared about Alex. Michael tells him it’s not true, but then watched as Alex blew his brains out. In another vision, He saw Noma kill Alex, after which she told him that she should have done that 25 years ago to end the war. In his despair at Alex’s death, he vows vengeance on Noma.

Noma saw a vision of herself with her wings back. When she was interrupted by Alex, she told him they should split up. After Alex leaves, Noma finds the Amphora and cradles it in her arms, telling it “You’re safe now.” In a puddle she saw that her wings were back. Alex came and tried to make her seal the Amphora, but she ran away and told him she needed her wings back so she could fly back to heaven. Alex tried to reason with her and told her “You’re my Nomes. Forever. I need you.” Michael came and grabbed her, making her drop the Amphora. As Michael chocked her, Alex grabbed the Amphora and the markings helped him seal it. Then the Amphora turned to dust and freed everybody from their dark despair.

Noma cried because she really didn’t have her wings back. Claire realized she really didn’t have the baby. Arika stopped herself before she could kill herself. David realized he still had the noose around his neck, and when he took the hood off all the soldiers around him had killed themselves. William was back in the bar and he ripped off his shirt to make sure he still had his scars/markings. William vowed “I will kill him. I will kill them all.”

Michael asked Alex how he sealed the Amphora, but he didn’t know. Michael realized the person responsible for unsealing the Amphora was still close. As he looked outside the city, Gabriel looked at Vega which was free of the Amphora’s darkness. Disappointed that Vega and everybody in it wasn’t destroyed, he said “Well, that was rather quick. No matter. It’s time.”

Can Michael or the prophet give Noma her wings back? Is the man with the hat and flames really the prophet, and is he heading back to Mallory? Does he want Noma to bring Alex to Mallory? How did William return, is he really William, and what is his agenda? Is Gabriel now a dyad? Is Gabriel now Lucifer? So many questions. Only one episode left before the season 2 finale on Thursday, October 1st, 2015.

“Day of Wrath” synopsis press release

Michael engages in a fight to the death with Gabriel as Vega smolders from the havoc of the Amphora; at the same time, William makes a decision that seals the city’s fate. Meanwhile, Noma’s mysterious past is explored; Arika contemplates her escape; and Claire joins the frontlines to protect her city.

This episode was written by Todd Harthan, and directed by Deran Sarafian.

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Discover more answers and ask more questions when Dominion 2×12 “Day of Wrath” airs Thursday, September 24th, 2015, at 10/9c, on Syfy!



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