Dominion 2×10 “House of Sacrifice” Episode!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // September 9, 2015

Kim Engelbrecht, Noma, Tom Wisdom, Michael, Dominion

Alex, Noma, and Michael try to help Claire and Gates save Vega in Dominion 2×10 “House of Sacrifice”!

In Dominion 2×10 “House of Sacrifice” Vega is under attack and Alex, Noma, and Michael must help Claire and Gates save Vega.

In 2×09 “The Seed of Evil” Gates turned the tables on Arika, who was trying to bribe him with the cure so he’d take her back to Helena. But then he found the digitalis that she had used to fool him into thinking he was poisoned. So deal off!

David Whele reunited with his son William, but is this person really William or some new form of fallen angel? Somewhere between an 8-ball and a dyad. If he’s really William who has come back from the dead, who did it? Is there another archangel we haven’t seen? Or was it Lucifer?

Claire was excited when she saw Alex had returned, but it turned sour when she saw him kissing Noma. Gates didn’t look too happy that Alex was back, especially since he’s become romantically involved with Claire. Looks like instead of a triangle there could be a quadrangle: Claire, Alex, Gates, and Noma.

In New Delphi, Julian was confident when he thought Gabriel was weakening. He put a drop from the amphora of death into Gabriel‘s left eye, and it looked like Gabriel was succumbing. When Julian tried to take over Gabriel’s body, Lyrae exited Julian’s body and entered Gabriel’s body. Then Gabriel ejected him and Lyrae returned to Julian’s body. Gabriel seemed to be get his strength back and made Julian stab himself, after which he crawled away, went down a hatch, and disappeared. Afterward, Gabriel asked 8-ball Pete where he went, but Pete didn’t know. While Gabriel looks like he wasn’t taken over by Lyrae, it definitely looks like he was taken over by some evil, and now he’s out to kill Michael.

As Michael, Noma, and Alex journey back to Vega, they see Julian’s 8-ball army lying in stasis in the fields around Vega. They try to tiptoe their way through the 8-balls, but then the 8-balls wake up and the chase and killing is on. Then Michael begins to have visions of Mallory and collapses. He has a vision of Mallory where the man in the hat with the fire shooting out of his hand is walking toward the town. Is this the prophet?

After Claire greets and hugs Alex, she tearfully reveals that she had been shot and that she lost the baby.

Can Michael give Noma her wings back? Is the man with the hat and flames really the prophet, and is he heading back to Mallory? Does he want Noma to bring Alex to Mallory? Now that Arika’s plans to use Gates to return to Helena have been dashed, what will she do next? How did William return, is he really William, and what is his agenda? How has Gabriel been affected by the drop from the amphora of death that Julian put in his eye? So many questions. Only four episodes left.

“House of Sacrifice” synopsis press release

Alex, Noma and Michael hit an unexpected road block; Claire’s judgment call threatens the security of Vega; Julian changes tactics; Arika and Gates wrestle with the cost of survival.

This episode was written by Marc Halsey and directed by Millicent Shelton.

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Discover more answers and ask more questions when Dominion 2×10 “House of Sacrifice” airs Thursday, September 10th, 2015, at 10/9c, on Syfy!



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