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Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // September 2, 2015

Tom Wisdom, Michael, Dominion

Alex, Noma, and Michael fight Julian’s 8-ball army to save Vega in Dominion 2×09 “The Seed of Evil”!

In Dominion 2×09 “The Seed of Evil” Alex, Noma, and Michael must get to Vega before Julian’s 8-ball army in order to save it. Will people believe William is The Chosen One? And what was in the drink Gates drank?

In 2×08 “The Longest Mile Home” Gates listens in on Arika’s conversation with David, and works with Claire to trap her and bring down Zoe and hopefully David. In a meeting with Arika, Gates and Claire decide to attack the armory to get guns for when Gabriel attacks. But the armory is only a ruse to trap Arika. She takes the bait and sends David a note telling him Claire’s Angel Corps is going to attack the armory.

Back in Zoe’s camp, they’re at the armory ready to fight. Zoe tells David in a war somebody always dies. David tells her, “Ladies first.” As they set up positions for their counter-attack on the Angel Corp, she asks David where he learned to shoot. He tells her he’s just a talented amateur. She tries to give him some tips, but he tells her he knows all of it. Then she tells him that if he’s serious about shooting he might want to take the safety off.

The Angel Corp attacks Zoe’s V1s at the Agri Tower, securing food for Vega. The tunnels at the armory explode, killing some of Zoe’s men and trapping her under barbed wire. She yells for David to help her, but as the Angel Corp come closer, he reminds her that in war somebody always dies, and then he flees.

The Angel Corps arrests Zoe, and Claire comes to her cell and tells her that because of her she has to wage war where innocent people will die. Then she shoots Zoe in the head. Guess David was right. “Ladies First.”

Arika, discovering the trap, prepares to flee back to Helena, but before she can leave she’s arrested. Back in Claire’s quarters, Gates pours a drink, but when he drinks it he recoils and spits the liquid out. Whatever was in the drink made his mouth bloody. Was it glass? Was it meant for Claire or Gates? Or both!

William Whele returns from the dead, but when he asks for a drink in a bar, a patron calls him a liar, saying he met William Whele and shook his buttery baby hands. Outside of the bar, William kills him, takes his jacket and money, and returns to the bar saying that after being left for dead by his father, he was attacked by 5 horsemen. Then a brilliant white light came and killed them all. He knows God still exists and says he’s back to cleanse people. Then he opens his shirt and says the cuts on his skin are his marks.

Alex and Noma are being attacked by 8-balls trying to get into the Finns store. One of them has a chain saw. Alex kicks the door open, grabs the chain saw, and slices the head of the 8-ball off. Then Michael descends and all the 8-balls run away. Noma shows Michael the 8-ball that the man fried with the fire shooting from his hand. Michael says he’s seen this before, very recently, an 8-ball burned from the inside out. He’s referring to Mallory, and the fire generated from the statue that burned 8-balls from the inside out whenever they came near it. Then Noma tells him about the man telling her to take Alex East, and asks Michael if he knows why. East is where Mallory is, but Michael tells her he doesn’t know why the man told her to do that.

In New Delphi, Edward tries to resist Clementine and Julian’s offer to make him into a Dyad. He still refuses to tell Julian where the amphora is. He tells Clementine she’s not the man she thinks he is.

In a flashback, we discover that Edward Riesen really isn’t who we thought he was. At the start of the war with the angels, 25 years ago, he was an accountant who caught a soldier in some underhanded transactions and turned him in. When the soldier returned with the intent to kill him, angels descended from heaven and began inhabiting humans as 8-balls. Having read books on war and history, including “The Art of War,” he tells the soldier that if we don’t understand history we’re doomed to repeat it. When the solder attacks him, he pretends to give him, but then spears him and tells him, “All warfare is based on deception,” which is something he learned from “The Art of War”! As he flees the compound, he comes across a soldier named Riesen, exchanges clothes with him, and takes on his identity. When he gets home, he discovers his wife Clementine, who is holding baby Claire, has been taken over and is now an 8-ball.

On Edward’s death bed, Julian makes him into a Dyad and gets the amphora back. It’s unclear whether Edward’s transition into a Dyad was with his consent, or whether Julian did it after Edward died. Either way, the Dyad deed is done.

Meanwhile, Julian is giving Gabriel intravenous infusions of psychedelic drugs and he begins to hallucinate that he’s broken free. As he tries to escape, he kills an 8-ball and takes his hoodie cape and puts it on. Then he encounters “Claire,” who takes him to a room where he also encounters “Noma” and “Arika.” They remove the spikes in his back holding his wings, and tells him he can’t defeat Julian because Julian is too strong. They begin kissing him and making love to him. When they begin to tie him to the bed, he tells them, “Naughty, naughty!” Then they turn into their 8-ball selves.

When he wakes up from the hallucinations, Julian comes in whistling the “Dominion” theme song with the three 8-ball women from the hallucination. When Julian shows Gabriel that he has the amphora again, Gabriel looks very distressed.

Can Michael give Noma her wings back? Is the man with the hat and flames who told Noma to bring Alex East the prophet who built the eternal flame statue in Mallory? Now that Arika has been arrested, what will happen? What was in that drink Gates drank? Who was responsible for these two events? Will we see Mallory again before the season ends? How did William return and what is his agenda? And will Julian take over Gabriel?

“The Seed of Evil” synopsis press release

Alex, Noma and Michael hit an unexpected road block; Claire’s judgment call threatens the security of Vega; Julian changes tactics; Arika and Gates wrestle with the cost of survival.

This episode was written by Alyssa Clark and Sean Crouch and directed by Millicent Shelton.

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Discover more answers and ask more questions when Dominion 2×09 “The Seed of Evil” airs Thursday, September 3rd, 2015, at 10/9c, on Syfy!



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