Dominion 2×05 “Son of the Fallen” Episode! (Updated: Sneak peek)

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // August 9, 2015

Christopher Egan, Alex, Carl Beukes, Gabriel, Dominion

Alex plans to intercept Gabriel and Michael in New Delphi in the Dominion 2×05 “Son of the Fallen” episode!

In Dominion 2×05 “Son of the Fallen” Alex allies with Julian to capture Gabriel and Michael, while David continues his quest to overthrow Claire and take back Vega.

In “A Bitter Truth” Michael learns from Gabriel that their sister Uriel is dead. Killed when the bomb took out Gabriel’s aerie. Michael comes looking for Alex and picks up his trail where Pete had his eviction outside of New Delphi. Gabrial is there. Michael asks where Alex is and Gabriel says Vega bombed the aerie and Alex and Uriel both died. Michael is shocked. Gabriel tries to comfort him. Michael starts punching him. When he’s done, Gabriel asks, “Feeling better?” Then he confesses Alex is still alive, but Uriel is really dead. “They found her body,” says Gabriel. “Michael, we’re losing our family.” When Michael asks where Alex is, Gabriel tells him he’s in New Delphi.

Gabriel lashes out at Michael telling him their Father gave the markings to Michael, but then Michael gave it to Jeep and then Alex. Michael insists that Alex is the Chosen One. Gabriel says he wants Alex, but for different reasons. Michael tells him, “If you kill Alex I will kill you.” Gabriel tells him “New Delphi is a dangerous place to go alone.” “Will you go with me? As my brother?” asks Michael. Gabriel is amused they would be fighting on the same side, but tells him he’ll do anything to bring Father back.

In New Delphi, Alex reminds Julian about the alliance. Alex tells Noma and Pete that Julian is hiding something. Riesen agrees. Alex and Noma leave and tell Pete to stay and keep quiet about the eviction and the fact he was possessed.

As Alex and Noma go to find the promised army, Reisen asks Julian how well he knows Gabriel, which makes Julian laugh and he says he knows him better than Reisen. Edward tells Julian, “If we want to kill an angel, we had better think like one.”

Alex and Noma discover Julian’s army, but instead of humans, they’re 8-balls. They realize New Delphi isn’t a city of merchants but one of monsters. When they confront Julian, he tells them they’re in stasis and he hoped they didn’t disturb them. Pete and Riesen are gone. Alex and Noma are tied and gagged and taken to where Julian has Pete tied to a chair.

Julian explains Rhais told him higher angels with enough power were able to possess humans, but there were many who couldn’t get bodies. Julian shows Alex the copper disk and says Rhais showed him how he could help them. He puts the disk on the amphora explaining it was made of empyrean steel and was New Delphi’s first weapon. Rhais taught how to pull lower angels from the ether using the amphora. A spirit, lower angel, descends through the ceiling, comes around the amphora and hovers over Pete. Julian touches Minathas, the lower angel, and welcomes him, then the angel descends into Pete’s mouth and says “skin.” Pete is possessed again. Julian asks, “Who’s next?”

Alex is knocked out and Noma is strapped to the chair. She screams as a lower angel comes closer to possess her. She struggles, breaks free, punches the angel, and spreads her wings, knocking Julian aside. She grabs the amphora and Alex and run to hide.

Noma tells Alex she heard the angel whispering as it tried to possess her, “I’ve never felt so contaminated.” She wants to destroy the city. The amphora is the fifth one, darkness. It contains death. Lower angels are drawn to it, then Julian draws them into a body. Only an angel can open it, “It will destroy the city and everything for 100 miles.”

Reisen, Alex and Noma confront Julian about where he got the amphoa. His eyes turn black. She says he’s a dyad, half angel and half human. Julian says it lets him bring his brothers and sisters down from the ether. The archangels created a penal system and he wants to kill all of them, including Gabriel and Michael. Alex says he agrees. They can work together, or Noma can unleash the amphora. Gabriel can die, or they can all die now.

Meanwhile in Vega, Gabriel has sent an angel to kill Claire. Gates is watching an old basebll playoff game when Gabriel’s angel begins to attack. When Gates tries to call security, the angel grabs the communication wires and pulls them out. Gates closes off the doors to keep the angel out, then cranks a generator and says a higher angel can’t get in, though he’s trying. The angel heads for the basement. Claire says angel’s eyes are more sensitive so they can see in the dark. The floor shakes and a shelf falls on Gates. Claire uses a lever to get him out, but he passes out.

Gates wakes up and they watch the angel beat on the door with his wing tips. They hook up a battery and use it to shock the door to try and electrocute the angel. The electricity surges through the wings and he flies back. But instead of killing him, he just passed out. Then he rises up. Claire says they just pissed him off.

They hear the angel banging at the air intake so they work on a bomb and lure the angel in one door, Gates throws a baseball to close the door, and he and Claire go out the other door and close it by throwing a baseball. Claire throws the bomb, they escape through the other door, and the bomg blows up a propane tank. Claire and Gates survive.

Finally, David Whele is having a really bad day being sassed by his dead son William. David says Claire will be the death of him, then he’s grabbed and a bag put over his head. When he shakes the bag off, William says he shouldn’t sleep through his own death and asks if he’s excited to meet his maker.

Zoe and sidekick Jasper wants to shoot him and throw him in the street. His death must be recorded so the other V1s will join them. David says he can help and knows a safe place with a generator. It’s the church he preached in in Old Las Vegas. At the church, he tells William he has a plan, but William asks him if it’s God’s plan. David reaches into a drawer for a gun, but it’s not there.

Zoe still wants to kill him, which will give her people hope. He tells her starving people can’t fight and he has the access codes to the warehouses. He has the V6 codes, too. Jasper checks it out. David gets Zoe’s gun and tells her he dropped William in the desert to die, then starts talking to William’s apparition, shouting at him. Then he says he knows how to get rid of him and shoots his ghost, which makes him disappear. Then he points the gun at Zoe and Jasper and tells them he has to think bigger. He tells them he can help them. He knows the city’s secrets and can bring thousands more followers to her. He gives the gun back to her and tells her to think small and kill him now, since they’ll all be dead soon. Or she can let him live and he can help her destroy Claire.

Does Julian have other jars or just the darkness/death one? Still waiting for the name of the prophet who built the eternal flame, and why the rain stopped and started again. Who was responsible for these two events? Who is the prophet? Will we see Mallory again before the season ends?

“Son of the Fallen” synopsis press release

Alex spearheads a plan to intercept Michael and Gabriel, who have breached the walls of New Delphi in pursuit of their mutual target; Claire begins the negotiation process with the revolting V1s; at the same time, David attempts to restore his legacy by any means necessary.

This episode was written by Marc Halsey and directed by Robert Mandel.

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Sneak peek for “Reap the Whirlwind” on 8/13/2015

Discover more answers and ask more questions when Dominion 2×05 “Son of the Fallen” airs Thursday, August 6th, 2015, at 10/9c, on Syfy!



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