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Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // July 29, 2015

Tom Wisdom, Archangel Michael, Dominion

Alex discovers Julian’s origin as Michael and Gabriel make a deal to get Alex in Dominion 2×04 “A Bitter Truth”!

In Dominion 2×04 “A Bitter Truth” Alex, Noma, and General Riesen learn Julian’s true origin as Michael and Gabriel reunite to extract Alex away from Julian and New Delphi.

In “The Narrow Gate” last week, a revealing flashback of Michael and Gabriel showed them at the beginning of the battle between humans and angels. While Gabriel sent his angels out to kill humans, Michael used his own hands to put a face on Father’s wrath in the death of humanity commanded by their Father. Gabriel points to ornate jars with copper disc tops and tells Michael they contain their father’s wrath which is a swift and honorable way to kill humanity. When Gabriel criticizes him for doing the killing himself, Michael tells him what it’s like to kill a human, “You don’t know the beauty of it. In winter. When blood spills on snow. It steams.”

When Michael and higher angel Lyrae, tossing his ritual ax, leave to slaughter more humans, Gabriel says, “Farewell, Sodom and Gomorrah.” But when Michael and Lyrae return, it’s Michael who chastises Lyrae for the glee Lyrae felt viciously torturing humans, tearing them limb from limb, and hanging them up by their entrails. “Father asked for their death, not their torture,” he says. Lyrae, worshiping Michael, tells him, “Your brutality was a glorious inspiration. You are my muse, Michael.”

Michael punishes Lyrae by banishing him from heaven and to the cold ether of the outter sphere, releasing his soul. When he stabs Lyrae in the back, the effect is similar to that on Supernatural, except instead of white the globular vision of the soul is a deep mustard yellow swirling with tints of black.

After a human comes to Gabriel for protection, he ends up killing the human. When Michael returns he realizes his brother has killed his first human. Michael, despondent at losing the light in his soul, asks Gabriel to kill him. Gabriel hugs him and tells him he’d rather kill himself.

In Vega, Claire, played by Roxanne McKee, visits Gates, played by Nic Bishop, to ask for his help in finding Zoe Holloway, who was rescued from jail by her V1 rebels. To encourage his help, she brings along some booze. Gates thinks she learned her father’s lessons well!

Gates manages to pinpoint where Zoe is hold up with her rebels, but when they go there to re-arrest or kill her, Claire’s soldiers miss shooting her. Afterward, she accuses Sargent Mills of deliberately missing Zoe. He accuses her of not knowing anything about guns, so she takes a Berretta, unloads and loads the magazine, and cocks it. She demands to know how many other traitors are in her army. Mills tells her, “Go to hell, you bitch.” Then she shoots him in the leg.

In New Delphi, Alex, played by Christopher Egan, was able to find the round copper disc that Julian sent him into the 8-ball prison to find. While he was there he also discovered that General Edward Riesen of Vega was being held as a prisoner named Sam for killing an 8-ball. Another prisoner named Eli was with him. In the fight that ensued as they escaped, Alex was able to liberate by eviction another 8-ball, but unfortunately he was lost when a group of 8-balls killed him.

After Alex emerged with the copper disc, Julian agreed to an alliance and pardoned General Riesen. In the sanctity of his living quarters, Julian removed an ornate jar from the safe and inserted the copper disc on top of it. After he put it back and retrieved a ritual ax, his true identity was revealed as Lyrae, the higher angel that Michael killed, and the jar was one of the jars containing God’s wrath.

In Mallory, AL, Michael confronts Laurel as she’s digging a grave. He realizes that she volunteered to take all the sins of the community into her soul because she’s going to sacrifice herself. The grave she’s digging is for herself. She admits to him that she’s scared, but it’s something she has to do. If she doesn’t, the flame will go out and the 8-balls will come and wipe out the community.

In the church, Laurel prepares to sacrifice herself, but Michael stops her. He announces that he’s part of the community so she can’t sacrifice herself until he confesses his sins. Against Wes’ protests, Michael reveals he has killed and offers to take the sins from Laurel and sacrifice himself. “I have killed I have slaughter. my fury destroyed the innocent and the guilty. I passed judgement, but it is I who must be judged,” he tells the community. Then he tells Laurel, “I’m not the man you think I am, but I can be if you’ll let me.” Wes, played by Diarmaid Murtagh, insists it won’t work, but Laurel says she talked to Father and it will work.

Michael takes the sins of the community from Laurel and into his own soul. Then he stabs himself and dies. When he stabs himself, Gabriel feels his death and grabs his chest. The community puts him in a wooden box and buries him in the grave Laurel dug for herself. Later that night, one of Michael’s wings punches through the soil and rock and he rises from the grave, spreads his wings, and raises his arms to heaven.

Before leaving the community, he wakes Wes with “Sweet dreams!” He tells him if he lays a hand on anybody else he’ll destroy him. He also tells him that if he ever speaks of their agreement and the fact that he is alive, that he’ll also come back and kill him. Michael tells him, “Speak of this to no one. I’ll be watching. Understood?” Wes understands. After he leaves, Wes goes to the window and sees Michael spread his wings and fly away.

Now Wes, like Harper, has a secret he can’t confess. Michael has loaded a gun with Wes, so who, where, why, and when, will it go off? Which of the jars of God’s wrath did Julian put the copper disc on? Does he have the other jars? Why did he appear nervous when he placed on disc on the jar? The name of the prophet who built the eternal flame still has not been revealed, nor why the rain stopped and started again, and during Michael’s death scene the flames went out then fired up again. Who was responsible for these two events? Who is the prophet? What other questions will we need answers to next?

“A Bitter Truth” synopsis press release

Alex, knowing his welcome in New Delphi running thin, takes a dangerous step in his hunt for Gabriel as he, Noma and Riesen uncover the truth behind Julian’s origin. Claire and Gates got toe-toe with a tenacious assassin as David attempts an alliance with the revolting V1’s. Following a turbulent reunion, Michael and Gabriel strike a deal to extract Alex from New Delphi, his fate far from determined.

This episode was written by Alyssa Clark and Sean Crouch and directed by Oz Scott.

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Discover more answers and ask more questions when Dominion 2×04 “A Bitter Truth” airs Thursday, July 30th, 2015, at 10/9c, on Syfy!



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