Dominion 2×03 “The Narrow Gate” Episode!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // July 22, 2015

Tom Wisdom, Archangel Michael, Olivia Mace, Laurel, Dominion

Will Michael reveal his true identity when he confesses his sins in Dominion 2×03 “The Narrow Gate”!

In Dominion 2×03 “The Narrow Gate” Michael confesses his sins to Laurel in Mallory while Alex goes searching for Julian’s gold disk in New Delphi.

In last week’s Dominion episode “Mouth of the Damned” Alex, played by Christopher Egan, Noma, played by Kim Engelbrecht, and liberated 8-ball Pete, played by Luke Tyler, were captured by civilized 8-balls and taken to New Delphi, where Alex tried to convince leader Julian, played by Simon Merrells, that Archangel Gabriel, played by Carl Beukes, was coming.

Julian didn’t believe the warning, then Gabriel came and killed one of his own angels, wounded by Noma. Now Julian, who values honesty, wants Alex to prove himself by retrieving a gold disk with a hole in the middle. Nobody has been able to make it through what sounds like a horde of angry 8-balls, so will Alex be the first? It will be interesting to see what this object is that Julian wants. Perhaps it’s a CD with his favorite tunes on it!

In Vega, the match of wits to control the city continued between Claire, played by Roxanne McKee, and David, played by Anthony Head. Claire plotted with Arika, played by Shivani Ghai, to trap David with an 8-ball named Rose in order to discredit him. Arika, the wily Queen of Helena, had managed to control Rose to get her to do the dirty deed, but in the end she killed Rose. What is Arika’s true agenda? Whatever it is, she seems to have Claire’s trust.

Michael is fighting his own demons in Mallory, Alabama, a sleepy farming community guarded from 8-balls by an eternal flame in the form of an iron man with arms raised to heaven. According to Laurel, played by Olivia Mace, the spiritual leader of the community, the town and church are protected by God, the flame was created by a prophet, and as long as they confess their sins every five years and keep the faith, their eternal flame will never go out.

Michael seems fascinated by Mallory, and wandered into the church asking if his Father is really there and really protecting the residents of the town. One little hitch is the fact that Harper, played by WWE’s Alicia Fox, saw him bathing with his wings extended. When she returned to the town after being attacked, she saw Michael and remembered him. When she and Michael were alone, as she was recovering, he unfurled his wings and told her she had been chosen and she had to keep his true identity secret when she confessed her sins.

As Harper held her hand over the candle’s flame in Laurel’s hand, she broke down but kept the secret. All secrets must be revealed in order to keep the town safe or the person must face the consequences. Keeping Michael’s secret ended up getting Harper killed. This event seemed to have stunned Michael, which may be why he decided to confess his sins. But will his confession to Laurel include his true identity?

“The Narrow Gate” synopsis press release

Alex embarks on a dangerous quest to prove himself to his new ally, during which a startling face from his past appears; at the same time, Claire enlists the help of an old friend to halt what she believes is a brewing revolt from the V1s; and Michael makes a sacrifice that will prevent him from ever being with his love.

This episode was written by Rebecca Kirsch and directed by Oz Scott.

Will we find out why the rain stopped and started again, and who was responsible? Who is the prophet who built the eternal flame bonfire? Some people think it’s Raphael while others think it could be Lucifer. Will Michael reveal his true identity? Will he and Laurel become more than friends? Will he find his redemption in Mallory? Alex will retrieve Julian’s disk, but what’s so special about it, and will they become allies against Gabriel?

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Discover the answers and ask more questions when Dominion 2×03 “The Narrow Gate” airs Thursday, July 23rd, 2015, at 10/9c, on Syfy!



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