Debra Mooney joins The Originals as werewolf Mary!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // October 24, 2014

Debra Mooney, Mary, The Originals

“Everwood”‘s Debra Mooney will have a recurring role as werewolf Mary on The Originals!

The Originals cast is getting a new werewolf! Debra Mooney joins the series in the recurring role as Mary, tough, no nonsense, who will do what it takes to protect her pack! She previously played Edna Harper on “Everwood” from 2002 to 2006.

Debra was born in Aberdeen, South Dakota, in 1947, and has been in the business since 1976. Although she’s been in many comedies and dramas during her extensive career, this appears to be her first role as a supernatural. She’s married to stage director and producer Porter Van Zandt and they have one child, Kirstin Mooney, who is an art department coordinator.

She’ll arrive on The Originals as Mary in episode 11 and will be seen performing a ritual with Hayley described as “the most important ritual a pack leader can undertake.” If the ritual brands Hayley as a liar, she’ll lose the right to be leader of the werewolves. Perhaps she didn’t pass because it seems that Hayley will run away with Jackson, with Klaus hot on their trail.

Although Debra arrives as Mary half-way through the season, there’s no word as to how many episodes she’ll be on or if she’ll survive to see season 3!

Although best known as “Everwood”‘s Edna Harper, her most recent roles have been as Dorothy Copely on “Rake,” Mary Vaughn on “Intelligence,” Theresa Weaver on “The Neighbors,” Verna Thornton on “Scandal,” Lydia Bibb on “The Mentalist,” and Mrs. Hunt on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Other shows Debra has been on have included, “Boston Legal,” “Psych,” “The Closer,” “Boston Common,” “Ellen,” “Mad About You,” “Northern Explosure,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Roseanne,” “Dead Poets Society,” and her first in 1976, “Delvecchio.” Quite an amazing career!

Pictures of Debra Mooney

The Originals airs Mondays at 8/7c, on The CW!



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