Dallas Roberts lands “Evil Men” supernatural gig on USA!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // November 12, 2014

Dallas Roberts, Evil Men, The Good Wife, The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead’s Dallas Roberts stars in the supernatural drama “Evil Men” on USA!

Dallas Roberts, Milton Mamet on “The Walking Dead,” stars in USA’s new supernatural thriller “Evil Men” which will also co-star Clifton Collins, Jr., Thomas on “The Event.”

The supernatural drama “Evil Men” will join USA’s legal and crime procedurals and has similar elements as “Supernatural” on The CW and “Constantine” on NBC.

Dallas plays a middle-class family man who is approached by a powerful entity that turns his life upside down when he orders him to kill “Evil Men“! If he doesn’t, his family and the city he lives in will be totally destroyed. Yikes!

Enter a gleeful psycho, played by Clifton, who is supposed to be his first “evil man.” Instead of killing him, Dallas‘ character becomes his student as Clifton’s character starts teaching him what he needs to know in order to carry out his unwanted destiny!

“Evil Men” is written by Daniel Taplitz, who also wrote Jamie Foxx’s 2004 comedy “Breakin’ All the Rules.” He will also be an executive producer with “Life Unexpected”‘s Gary Fleder, “October Road”‘s Mary Beth Basile, and “Two and a Half Men”‘s Eric and Kim Tannenbaum.

Jackie de Crinis, USA’s Original Programming President, on “Evil Men”

This supernatural drama is a symbolic tale of good versus evil set in the everyday modern world. It is a highly relatable story that begs the question of just how far we would go to protect our families.

Fans of “The Walking Dead,” which includes Joseph Morgan, remembers Dallas as the trusted adviser to The Governor, until the one-eyed monster threw a dying Milton into a locked room with Andrea, played by Laurie Holden.

Dallas, 44, was born in Houston, Texas, and graduated in 1994 from The Juliard School in New York in the Drama Division’s Group. He still makes him home in New York, and is married to Christine Jones, a scenic designer, and has two children.

Other, more normal, roles have included Owen Cavanaugh in “The Good Wife,” Eliot Delson in “Unforgettable,” David Wayne in “Dallas Buyers Club,” and Angus Partridge in “The L Word.”

CliftonCollinsJr-300Clifton Collins, Jr., 44, is a Los Angeles, California, native son. His grandfather was well-known character actor Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez who was famous for being the humorous sidekick in many John Wayne movies. So acting is in his blood!

Clifton has played anything from boxers to policemen to serial killers. Being born a Latino, it hasn’t been easy breaking out of the stereotypical roles than chained his grandfather.

His breakout role came as Cesar Sanchez in the 1997 “One Eight Seven” where he played a vicious student and gang-banger opposite Samuel L. Jackson, who played an LA substitute teacher who set him on the right path.

His newly recognized versatility landed him roles in “Traffic” in 2000 where he played a gay Mexican hitman to 2004 “Mindhunters” action adventure where he played an FBI psychological profiler.

A major career shift occurred with the role of Perry Smith, the killer and object of Truman Capote’s obsession in the critically acclaimed 2005 movie “Capote” starring the late¬†Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote.

His other roles include Hernan in “The Shield,” Jack “Bump” Hill in “Thief,” Stingray in “Horsemen,” Ayel in “Star Trek,” Raymond Harris in “CSI: NY,” Hector Lorca in “The Blacklist,” Martin in “Transcendence,” and Thomas in “The Event.”

Currently this is only a potential series for the USA network, so keep your fingers crossed, fangsters!



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