Candice Accola on Steroline’s Future in TVD Season 7!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // July 4, 2015


The Vampire Diaries Candice Accola talks about Caroline and Stefan’s possible future in season 7!

After the bloody season 6 finale on The Vampire Diaries, “I’m Thinking of You All the While,” Caroline and Stefan will be the only couple remaining in Mystic Falls for season 7.

The romance heavy series killed off Jo and her twins, Liv and Kai, then laid Elena to her temporary rest, where she’ll remain until Bonnie is either killed or lives out her life. That leaves Stefan and Caroline as the only couple, although they haven’t officially committed to the relationship they danced toward all season. When season 6 ended, Stefan confessed his feelings and told her he’d wait until she was ready. According to executive producer Caroline Dries, it could finally happen in season 7!

Caroline Dries on Caroline and Stefan

She’s still coping after her mother’s death and her humanity being off; she’s not feeling like herself. In Season 7, she’s going to try and figure out if she and Stefan can actually do this.

As she’s figuring it out, will she think about Klaus’ declaration that he intends to be her last love?

Before the season 6 finale aired, Candice Accola, who plays Caroline, gave her thoughts on the budding romance between Stefan and her character at The CW upfronts. Is she ready to be half of the main couple on the series?

Candice Accola on Steroline

It’s a nice payoff to see them together. I like that she’s taking that time for herself. I think it shows maturity in her character.

I feel like six seasons is a nice, long slow-burn, so I’m excited to see these characters together. Usually, it’s so immediate, especially on our series … but in real life, it’s the person you can be yourself in front of in the most dorky way. Both of these characters have seen the worst in each other and they still like each other and I think that’s really cool and that’s really special.

Candice Accola’s red carpet interview

The Vampire Diaries season 7 premieres Thursday, October 8th, 2015, at 8/7c, followed by The Originals season 3 premiere at 9/8c, on The CW!



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