Behind-the-Scenes Pictures of The Originals filming in New Orleans!

Written by Cecelia Lawshe   // March 14, 2013

Inside Lafayette Cemetery, The Originals

Behind-the-Scenes Pictures of The Originals filming in New Orleans

Here’s some great behind-the-scenes pic of The Originals as they film in New Orleans. The picture above a view of the inside of Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans.

Two pictures are of the name plaques of Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies for their trailers. Unfortunately there’s no shots of what’s inside their trailers!

Another picture is a shot of Leah Pipes from inside Lafayette Cemetery, and another shot shows Joseph and Charles filming a scene from inside a bar.

Then there’s Charles Michael Davis, looking hot and sexy while waiting on a sidewalk to do to a scene!

The Originals pictures from filming in New Orleans

Joseph Morgan's trailer sign

Daniel Gillies trailer sign

Leah Pipes walking through the cemetery

Joseph Morgan and Charles Michael Davis filming an inside scene

Charles Michael Davis waiting on the sidewalk to do a scene


After seeing all these pictures I can’t wait for April 25th when The Originals will be shown! How about you!



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